Understanding Pain Symptoms

Post-amputation nerve pain may be preventing you from living life to the fullest. Learn about the causes and a new option for pain relief.

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What is TMR Surgery?

TMR surgery refers to Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, a surgical treatment that is gaining acceptance as a treatment for nerve pain associated with amputation.

Post-amputation pain is common among amputees. You might feel sensations in part of the limb that remains after amputation, or you could experience phantom pain in the area of amputation. 

TMR surgery can help reduce post-amputation nerve pain by reconnecting amputated nerves to nearby nerves and eventually muscle targets. If you think about nerves as electrical wiring, TMR helps to complete the “circuit” by reconnecting the “live wire.”

Learn more about what TMR surgery is and how it can help with your pain.

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Patient Stories

Learn about the life-changing results of TMR surgery from patients who have had the procedure.

See Success Stories
Lisa’s Story
“TMR made a world of difference. I don’t need to take any pain meds. Today I’m completely, one hundred percent drug free.”
Lydia’s Story

Lydia’s sights were set on only getting a prosthetic, but her doctor wanted her to fully understand the benefits of TMR nerve surgery, as well. 

Patient Story - Lydia
Sarah’s Story

Through the study, she received TMR surgery in February 2015. “I was back to work by August 2015. The surgery completely took away the phantom pain and neuroma pain, which had become literally unbearable.”

Theresa's Story

An accident in her teens led Theresa to make a difficult decision much later in life — an above-the-knee amputation in her 50s. It was...

Theresa - StoryPhotos
Joe’s Story

Joe despaired when phantom pain took away his chance to regain his sporting lifestyle. Today, Joe competes as a para snowboarder, thanks to TMR…

Keith's Story

Keith Philizaire lived through years of anguish and pain medication for severe phantom limb pain after the amputation of his leg...

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany lost her arm in a shark attack but was fortunate to receive TMR at the time of her amputation, preventing a lifetime of pain and disability…



Watch Joe's Story

Paralympic snowboarder Joe Pleban talks about his life before and after TMR

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